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Don't Get Caught Unprepared!

ConCord Training Solutions is a group of current and former law enforcement officers and military veterans with decades of firearms and tactics experience. Our team is dedicated to preparing and training citizens to be comfortable and accurate with their firearms. CTS is committed to the ideal that people should leave our courses feeling more comfortable with a firearm then they did when they started.


Every year there are hundreds of situations around the country where someone with a gun has decided they were going to harm others. More common than not when confronted by armed law enforcement those individuals either give up or commit suicide. But how long does it take for law enforcement to get on scene? What carnage takes place until the threat is stopped? A responsible armed citizen has the ability to stop those assailants in their tracks, and end the threat even before they have the ability to do harm. These video shows just a fraction of those events.

Armed Citizens Stop Criminals

Armed Citizen Kills Active Shooter

Are you ready to take the next step in your family's  safety?

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