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Meet Our Team

Aaron R. Contreras

Firearms & Tactics Instructor 

Co-Owner and lead instructor, Aaron is an active law enforcement officer with over 12 years of experience. He served as a Sergeant in the U.S. Marine Corps with two combat deployments under his belt and has an extensive background in various weapons. Aaron has over 12 years of instructor experience, the last 5 have been spent as a full-time firearms and tactics instructor, in which Aaron has been an integral part of the training of over 1500 police recruits, and hundreds of police officers for a major law enforcement agency in Las Vegas. Aaron is a certified Sig Sauer master rifle instructor, Sig Sauer pistol optic instructor, and FBI instructor certified.  Aaron has a Bachelors's degree in Homeland Security, and is a FEMA instructor in mobile field force, and force field extraction. 

Danny Cordero SR.

Senior Firearms Instructor, Active Shooter Instructor

Co-Owner Danny, is a retired New York Police Detective Sergeant with 35 years experience. Danny is a senior firearms instructor with over 40 years of instructor experience. He is a graduate of the New York State Homeland Security Active Shooter Instructors Course, and a graduate of the New York State Police Investigators Course. When Danny is not at the range training shooters, he's standing in front of corporate crowds teaching active shooter, workplace violence, and sexual harassment. 

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